Dominant Culture:

The United States of Anxiety 

Split Division 

 The dominant culture of an event is often recognized as the norm for the society as a whole.For the 2016 US presidential election, although Americans held contrasting opinions about which candidate should take on the presidency, the majority of population felt a certain stress and anxiety attributed from the election itself. 

Many people viewed both the democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton, and the republican candidate, Donald Trump, as 'unfit' to become president. Americans could find flaws in both candidates, and many casted their vote by ‘picking the lesser of the two evils’. 

In fact many went as far as believing that, ‘Hilary Clinton represents what is wrong with politics, and Donald Trump represents what is wrong with America in today’s society’. With both candidates displaying unsuitable qualities such as, untrustworthiness, corruptness, and deceit, fear lingered in many in regard to the election.